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ACCES and the member organizations are working not just to promote solar technologies but have them offered and installed to the low-income communities we serve. Presently ACCES is in partnership with Central Coast Energy Services, Morgan Stanley Solar Solutions and 12 Energy Service Providers to install 600 solar photo voltaic systems on low-income multi-family dwellings.


Watch for the new California Solar Thermal Program. This started on May 1st, 2010 and provides rebates for installation of solar water heaters. Sometime later this year the low-income program will be decided and implemented. 

Also the "Solar for all California" is beginning this month. The pilot program will have four state LIHEAP agencies providing solar photo voltaics to many areas of the state. It was pioneered by CSD, CAP of Orange County and Morgan Stanley providing systems for Habitat for Humanity new homes built in San Juan Capistrano.