What Can ACCES Do For Your Social Media? 

ACCES can handle all of your social media content for you. ACCES can provide full service, full support, and full creative marketing strategies for your digital presence, or we can train you on how to get started. We know that social media marketing can be a very complicated and time-consuming endeavor, which is why we can customize a more tailored package according to your needs, and we do this by having an in-person or over the phone consultation to tailor our services to your exact needs.


The services we currently provided:

Initial Setup: If no social media currently exists for your company we will be more than happy to set-up the accounts you need and want.

Social Media Revamp: Do you already have social media accounts, but they have been inactive, or are not cohesive to what you want, then this package is for you. Link all social media accounts together and create a cohesive look among all accounts.

Content Management: This is the comprehensive service we offer. We manage content for your company on a basis that fits your budget and needs. An example of services within content management are as follows:

Ads: Provides advertisements on your social media accounts based on a budget set by you. We monitoring the performance of how ads are doing, how many users they are reaching, and the effectiveness of the ad. Analytics: Analyze all social media platforms in use. Research the effectiveness of these platforms and how well your business is doing on specific social media platforms. Maintain statistics of your business on all platforms to track improvements and progression.

Maintenance of Information: Maintain and keep all information up to date for all social media platforms. Answer all questions, comments, and concerns from fans and customers. If we are unable to provide an answer we will contact you to formulate the best answer for a response. Hide and report comments that are spam or slanderous to your business.

Alerts: ACCES will manage web based alerts for your company, using keywords for your company and company programs. This will enable us to have real time alerts of when your company is mentioned in newspaper articles, web pages, articles, and blogs. The basis of alerts are used to find out what is being said about your company, good or bad.

Commercial Slideshow: We can create a slideshow for a specific project or program to showcase on your website and across social media sites. This can help spread the word and generate potential donations. 

Feature Stories Campaign: Do you have an event coming up or want to highlight a goodwill story that will get funders buzzing? We will go to your event take pictures and conduct interviews of attendees and put together a campaign to market on your social media platforms and to send to newspapers.

Training: We will train two members of your organization for one day on how to set-up social media accounts and maintain content management for the social media providers that will suit your company best.

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