Cool Steps Help Fight Global Warming
James Temple
February 9, 2013
California Air Resources Board Announces Cap-and-Trade Workshops
Tom Slivick
February 5, 2013
California Air Resources Board Issues AB 32 Report
Stoel Rives LLP4
Allison Smith
February 4, 2013
A New California Record...In February
It looks as though California has broken another solar powerrecord, and it's done so in one of the least-sunny times of yearpossible. According to preliminary figures provided by theCalifornia Independent System Operator, the state's grid receivedmore than 1,300 megawatts of power from solar arrays for a fewhours on Wednesday, likely an all-time record -- in a month whenthe sun shines with less intensity than at most other times ofyear. Keep in mind that California only passed the 1,000-megawattmark in its solar generating output on August 20, 2012…
By: Chris Clarke
February 6, 2013
California Industry's Greenhouse Pollution Dropped Again in 2011
By: Chris Clarke
January 22, 2013



Energy Upgrade CA 
Holiday Lighting Exchange
Long Beach Airport - Nov. 5
Green Acres Farmers' Market - Nov. 13
Long Beach Antique Market - Nov. 20
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ACCES is an association of non-profit organizations, for-profit corporations, and agencies affiliated with the Community Action Partnership throughout the state of California.


Our mission is to set a statewide agenda for energy policy affecting low-income Californians; to facilitate access, coordination, advocacy, and service delivery.

As a non-profit statewide association, ACCES provides a comprehensive network of public and private program operators, state agencies, and investor owned and municipal utilities with information to facilitate better operation and coordination of energy programs for the low-income communities of California. Our members provide energy services that include:

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Families struggling with the high cost of energy can get help paying their utility bills.
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Our members make homes more energy efficient – saving money and the environment.
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ACCES is on the cutting edge of solar technology for low-income communities.
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Emergency Response

When disaster strikes ACCES members are on the front lines in our communities.
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In an effort to continue notifying the public of what we do and keeping up with current events, we have the following social media pages set up: