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Prop. 39's bounty: New dollars, alot of them, head to schools
Gov. Jerry Brown wants to give California’s 1,032 school districts more than $2.6 billion over the next five years to help them lower their energy bills.......... 
March 4, 2013
By Greg Lucas 

The Center For the Next Generation: AB 32 Digest: Kate's Cliffnotes

Thank goodness, the time for California legislators to submit new bills finally ended last Friday: I was getting tired of editing my Prop 39 implementation cheat sheet every other day. There are far too many important bills to catalog here, but here are some we at Next Generation find particularly interesting............

February 26, 2013

AB-217 Electricity: Solar Electricity: Low-Income Households 2013-2014

SB-39 Energy: School Facilities: Energy Efficiency Upgrade Projects 2013- 2014

January 25, 2013
By: Michael Gardner

Who Gets the Cash for Energy Upgrades from Prop 39?
January 25, 2013
By: Rachel Dornhelm 

A Call to Maximize Prop 39 Funding by Combining Efficiency and Solar
January 10, 2013

By: Michelle Kinman

Clean Energy Advocate

Lawmakers Praise Full Prop. 39 Funding For School Energy Efficiency
January 10,2013

RELEASE: Sen. De Leon Commends Governor's Direction of Proposition 39 Funds - Aligns with SB 39 to Advance Jobs, Schools & our Environment
January 10, 2013 

Legislative Analysts Report:

Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Programs
January 19, 2012
Mac Taylor
Legislative Analyst